Our Programs


We love the game of basketball and both of our programs were founded on a genuine passion for the game. We're big on hanging out together both on/off the court - we go to sporting events together and have pool parties. The social components of our program make the job of learning basketball that much easier for our players.


Philosophically speaking, we believe it's important to give our our players the social and emotional space to grow as people, while supporting them relentlessly on the basketball court. We are a passionate bunch and it shows in everything we do!




First and foremost, we are staffed by people who are passionate about both the game of basketball and also working with children. Our primary goal is to meet our players where they're at, in terms of maturity, skills, and passion for the game.  Our proprietary practice plans were developed with the understanding that not every player learns the same way, or at the same pace.


Our recreational league coaches are also moms both on and off the court. We offer a "guest coach" program that allows moms to engage with their children in a different way: on a basketball court with teammates, all working toward a common goal. 


We have 4 teams in our recreational league: Wild Pigeons, Runnin' Ravens, Golden Lionesses, and Dribbling Caterpillars. Each team has its own unique culture, established and developed early-on during our league formation. Games are typically on Saturday afternoons between 4:30p and 7:00p. 


We like to say we don't just host "games" on Saturdays, we host "experiences".



We have two teams in our competitive program: The Lightning and the Thunder.


The Lightning is our entry-level team (4th/5th grade) and the Thunder (5th/6th grade) is our more experienced, slightly older group. The teams practice together for 3 hours weekly, while also engaging in tournament play with other Denver-area teams throughout the season. 


Our competitive league is full of players who first started in our recreational league. Our competitive program mantra is "there is strength in unity" and our curriculum reflects that belief. Our players are taught HOW to work together in everything they do and the results are undeniable.


All staff are fully background checked and vetted and we're all in it for the same reason:  to make sure your child has an unforgettable experience learning the game of basketball.


We are proud to be licensed by USA Basketball!