Longmont Girls Basketball is powered by YOU

We are a Tax-Exempt, Not-For-Profit Organization - Tax I.D. #84-4964827

$7,500: Funds a full 5-day, out-of-state tournament for our competitive team(s) or funds an entire season for our recreational program.


$3,000: Funds coaching stipends for an entire season.


$2,500: Funds gym fees for both our recreational and competitive programs for an entire season.


$1,000: Funds gym fees for our recreational program for an entire season.


$500: Funds special event fees (CU Trolley, Sunset Pool) for a season.


$350: Covers registration and tournament fees for an in-need competitive player for an entire season.


$200: Covers registration fees for an in-need recreational player for an entire season OR provides gym fees for both recreational and competitive programs for an entire week.


$100: Helps to fund monthly team dinners and team-building activities.

Your donation will help…

Support Youth Physical and Emotional Development

Our program is more than just learning the game of basketball. Our intent is to meet our players where they're at, both physically and emotionally. Our players set expectations and goals for themselves and we give them the tools to help them achieve their goals.

Broaden Perspectives

Our league's intent is to provide a place for young women to broaden their perspectives about the world. We don't just play basketball; we have team dinners and attend sporting events together. We raise money for our league and for charity, giving our players an opportunity to give back to the community from which they come.

Develop Relationships

Our motto is "team first" and our players are both friends and teammates, which makes the process of learning basketball that much easier. We take care of each other and it shows in everything we do.

Promote Respect

In addition to espousing a "team-first" attitude, we teach our players to respect each other, the game of basketball, and those around them, from referees to coaches and parents. We show respect in simple ways: being a good listener, thinking before we act, and learning how to gather information before making a judgment about someone or something.

How Sponsorship Benefits Your Business

Community Visibility

For donations/sponsorships at the $200 and above levels, your business name and logo will be included on our website, which receives several hundred unique visitors monthly. Additionally, we will include your business's name in our weekly parent and community emails, which are distributed to over 200 subscribers every week.

Event Sponsorships

Typically, at the end of every season, we hold a mini-tournament and sponsors have the opportunity to support individual events like faceprinting, snack bar, and scorer's table. We provide, at no cost to you, a 3x5 banner with your business name and logo, which are also displayed at every regular season game!