About Us

Our league was founded by a group of parents and kids with a mutual love of basketball.  We found that while there are many opportunities for girls to play basketball on the Front Range, most leagues were co-ed and the skills taught were targeted toward the biggest, fastest, and most aggressive players on the court.  Because we are a not-for-profit organization, we are highly focused on the player experience, and not registering a large volume of players.


Our primary goal is to meet our players where they're at, in terms of maturity, skills, and passion for the game.  First, we nurture them as individuals as they become a part of the team.  Second, our proprietary practice plans were developed with an intimate understanding of how girls think and learn. Simply put, our plans give our players the emotional and physical space required to grow on the court as a player and as a teammate.


Finally, our coaches, referees, and support staff are all women who desire to set a good example for all who play in our league.


Our league was founded by girls, for girls, and we're proud of that!